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September 14th 2009
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Code Style issues with Real World Haskell

I am reading the book “Real World Haskell”1 – and enjoying it to my surprise. What I find really hard to understand is why the authors chose a code style this opaque. My message to you: Code really is read more than it is written. Here’s an example straight from the book:

  liftP2 q f g w x y z = f w x y z `q` g w x y z

That’s a series of 18 lower case letters in a row, lightened up by a few cryptic line noise like dots and dashes. My growing fondness of the language might come to an abrupt end if I wake up to a community that writes this kind of code…

But to end this post on an upbeat note, I really would like to congratulate the authors of the book. Real World Haskell really is up there with the programming language introductions that make you want to pick up the tool and rewrite an operating system in it. It reads nicely from the start to the end, and if you manage to skimp/skip/plow through the examples like the one I gave above, you’ll find a lot of nice code as well. Worth reading!

1 Real World Haskell (Bryan O’Sullivan, John Goerzen, Don Stewart)