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January 4th 2010
Tagged thrift, AMQP, ruby, toamqp, open source, design

A redesign and a rename in 2010

For those of you following the thrift_over_amqp_transport plugin: I have just finished a complete rewrite. The ‘plugin’ is now called ‘toamqp’ and is available through rubygems:

  $ gem install toamqp

The version that is currently published has some minor bugs. I will publish another version real soon now (0.3.1) that fixes those and then some.

The redesign

Starting with the new version it is now really easy to create server and client for a AMQP service. Really, its just a few lines:

  # A real small server: 
  class MyServiceImplementation < TOAMQP::Service::Base
    serves ThriftServiceModule
    exchange :my_service
    # Service methods go here

  # A real small (smaller!) client
  client = TOAMQP.client(:my_service, ThriftServiceModule)

Please have a look at the README in the source. I’ve also included a few samples in the ‘examples’ subdirectory of the project – this should get you running in no time.

I will publish a real HOWTO for a few sample use cases here soon.